A Brief on the Rationale For Serving All Students, Including Gifted Students

Addressing Issues of Equity, Equality and Economics

How This Legislation Will Bring Minnesota Forward As A World Class Education System

The Challenge:

The Achievement gap, K-12, in Minnesota schools has not budged, we have one of the worst in the nation

Our students are bored and disengaged in schools

The school age population is changing. In 2019, one half of all students in Minnesota’s schools were students of color

Gifted students are an underserved population in our schools. We received an “F” for our failures

Only a third of districts in the state have gifted programs

The workplace is changing. Our students need a different preparation. Entry-level jobs are being replaced by automation and robotics

Tax revenue is threatened

A Solution:

Teach all students 21st century thinking skills and strategies

Inquiry learning and problem-based learning, which provide choice in learning and strength base learning opportunities, increase student motivation and engagement, while learning critical and creative thinking skills

The legislation triples funding for gifted programming, expanding gifted programming in all districts in Minnesota. The legislation also expects all students, K-12, including students of color, students who are disabled, students who are marginalized in the opportunities to learn,  to be taught the advanced thinking skills of this legislation, while we are building a strong workforce ready to take on  advance course work in high schools, trade schools or college

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