Gifted Programming in Rural Areas

When legislation was initially introduced funding gifted programming, the intent was all districts in the state would have gifted programming. That was never realized.  Over time one could see gifted programs emerging along the corridor that ran from St. Cloud  to Rochester. With open enrollment, districts within that corridor would compete for students in neighboring school districts.

Gifted Education should be available to all students.  There is no one gifted student alike.  They all have different levels of readiness, different prior experiences, different strengths and come ready to learn in every classroom. If you are a parent living in a rural district there is little chance of having a gifted program available to your gifted children. You are penalized for where you live and your children have to pay that price.  Currently less than a third of the districts in the state have gifted programs, despite having the $13 PPU to cover the costs of those program, or to initiate programming for this underserved population.  But this legislation would hold districts accountable for the $39 PPU to establish and run a defensible gifted program, while serving all students by teaching them the advanced thinking skills of this legislation.


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Equal Access in Rural areas

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