Habits of Mind: A Practice to Nurture in All Students.

I was trained and implemented the Habits of Mind, in both school districts I worked.  I spent time with Art Costa and listened to his presentations on numerous occasions.  At one NAGC conference, with over 500 participants,  I heard from Costa and Kalick, along with staff and students talk about their experiences with the HOM inthe Charolette-Mecklenburg Schools. They described the impact of a two week long training in the Habits of Mind.  Apparently all teachers were taught about the Habits and then spent a week imbedding the Habits into their curriculum.  A year after that training and implementation, these teachers and students described the changes they saw in their schools. With that experience, many more students of color were identified as gifted, while achievement scores, across the grades, rose.  There is a payoff in taking the time to teach all kids those habits.  


HoM Summary Outline




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