A Rational for Employing Inquiry Learning with Special Needs Students

Parents and teachers of special needs students may well wonder how this legislation might impact their children.  The literature addressing that topic provides considerable evidence supporting inquiry learning for special needs students, while suggesting accommodations should be considered and the teachers assigned to those students should be well experienced with the Inquiry process and the role they play in supporting that student. 

Inquiry-Based Learning and Student Retention

Inquiry Brief on Culturally Different and Special Needs

Inquiry_based_instruction speical needs

Inquiry–Based Instruction for Students with Special Needs in School Based Agricultural Education


Investigating the Engagement and Learning of Students With Learning Disabilities in Guided Inquiry Science Teaching

Inquiry-Based Education for Students with Visual Impairment

Inquiry-Based Learning to Boost Student Engagement | n2y

Phillips & Pillow: 4 Things States Should Do to Help Students With Disabilities Graduate Ready for t


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