Why This Legislation and Its Implementation is in our Collective, Enlightened Self Interest

Rich schools get richer new school spending analysis shows

We know Minnesota’s population is changing.  In Fall of 2019 nearly one half of all students, K-12, were students of color.  We also know that most of the students come from the lowest quartile of family income.  We know that the workplace is changing and entry level jobs, with repetitive tasks,  are being replaced by automation and robotics.  Even laborers, like brick layers, will sew much of their work replaced by robotics.  It has happening across many industries.  We need a different preparation for all students.  

We know tax revenue drives government expenditures. Without the advanced skills included in this legislation, our students will not be prepared for this change in the workplace.  But with an educational experience that requires all students to be taught and practiced with this skills over their K-12 experience,  the advanced skills of this legislation will prepare all students for this changing workplace, but also prepare them for advanced course work while in high school, and prepare them for success in trade schools and college.  With that advanced learning, those skills skills will lead to better paying careers.  More disposable income will be available. And more spending, including home owning, will positively impact tax revenue. Tax revenue that supports social services, healthcare, infrastructure and government funding across agencies impacting all of us.  Recent social unrest has and continues to play out in the lives of many those students who will be impacted by this legislation. Those students will taught how to think and being to apply those skills to what follows their high school experience.  Being better prepared to participate in the changing work place will change their life trajectories.

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